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Life Science 7
Instructor: Seaburg   
My students success is a priority to me and I will be available before/after school for any additional support students may need (I will post set times at a later date). A great way for parents to stay up-to-date on their student progress is to 1- join the class website, 2- check ABI regularly, 3- contact me with any questions/concerns. 

Teacher + Parent/Guardian + Student + working together = student success!!

 Classroom Info.
Syllabus, Notebook Set-up
 Science Workbook
If you lost pages to your workbook, print out extra copies from here

Extra Credit
There are 2 opportunities for Extra Credit
  1. Each student may submit up to 10 current science news article(s) for one extra credit point each towards his/her 2nd semester grade. Each summary will be evaluated according to a rubric. Any work that scores lower than a 90% will not count towards extra credit.
  2. Each student may submit 1 science lab report for a possible 35 extra credit points towards his/her 2nd semester grade.
    • ​​Lab reports must be typed or very neatly hand written
    • Pictures must be printed out or neatly hand-drawn
    • You must have a title page that includes: your title, your first and last name, assignment, date, Science teacher's name and class period
    • Your lab report must have all of the requirements for each of the 7 sections. Each section is worth 5 points for a total of 35 points.
Extra Credit info. can be found in the Extra Credit file above.
Extra Credit work must be submitted no later than
Persuasive Essay
Persuasive Essay's are due:
P4, 5, & 6: Thursday 3/17
P2 & 3: Friday, 3/18 (due to loss of class time, due date was moved back 1 day for these classes)

Students' have had access to computers all class period since Tues. 3/8. 3 days was provided for research of topic & 3 days provided for typing essay. Late essays will receive a 10% deduction, NO late essay's will be accepted after 4/4/16 (the day we return from Spring Break).

Genetics Quiz Alternative
Did you not pass the Genetics Quiz?
If you scored 75% or below on the quiz, you may complete the alternate performance task during Spring Break. Ms. Seaburg will provide all students that scored 75% or below everything they will need to complete the alternate performance task.

This alternate assignment will be due:

Last day to turn in LATE work for Chapter 4
Friday, March 11th!!!

No Late Notebooks or Missing Assignments for Chapter 4 will be accepted after
Friday, March 11th!!

Chapter 4 Notebook
Is your notebook up-to-date?
What assignments in our notebooks have
we completed in Ch4. . .
  1. 4-1 Vocabulary: Term, definition, colored illustration
  2. Genetics w/ a Smile chart & illustration
  3. Genetic Movie notes
  4. Meiosis On-line Assignment
  5. 4-1 Notes: Newspaper format taped/glued in
  6. Directions for Movie Poster Vocab.
  7. Movie Poster Vocab.: Terms are found on pgs. 176-178
  8. Alien Invasion Adult Illustration colored
  9. Alien Invasion Children colored
  10. 4-2 Notes: 2-column format w/vocab
  11. Ch4 Textbook Review: p197-198, answer in complete sentences, including multiple choice questions.
Project Binder Take 2
Students may resubmit the binder portion of the Science Fair Project for half-points.​
  • Binders MUST be turned in no later than Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2016... NO EXCEPTION.
  • Rubric MUST be turned in with resubmitted binder.... NO RUBRIC = NO RE-GRADE.
  • Each period was shown a binder that was turned in with ALL requirements and how I graded each page.
  • Example Binder is under "Science Fair" folder located above.
Did you Survive the Science Fair Project?
Congrats to those that survived this year's
Science Fair Project!!!

I can already see I have many wonderful projects to grade! Student's have past the ball to me and I will be spending this weekend grading all projects that have been turned in. Grades will be in ABI by Monday evening....

For those that have not turned in a project, I will still accept late projects.... Late projects receive a 10% deduction, but that is nothing compared to leaving the grade as a zero.... Absolute last day to turn in late projects is Friday, 2/5.

STEM Challenge
Would GREATLY appreciate cherry tomato donations for our STEM challenge this week!!

The problem: Many farmers in Nepal grow their crops (including tomatoes) on the mountainside. To sell them at the local market they need to transport them to the bottom of the mountain, BUT it's a long and hazardous journey and they need to cross a river. Tomatoes are quite easily squashed so need to be transported with care. You can demonstrate this by dropping a few -- the riper the better!

The Challenge: Small groups design and build a model that can transport as many cherry tomatoes at the same time without squashing them.
Chapter 3 Foldable Due - Friday 1/22
Right click on the picture to enlarge it so you can see what is required on the completed foldable.
UPDATED: Science Fair
Science Fair
It is that time of year again!!! Every student at Mesa View will be completing a Science Fair project. This year, students have a choice between completing a Competition Science Fair Project (option A) or a Classroom Science Project (option B). What is the difference between the two?
  • Competition Science Fair Project requires: Project report, research paper, Abstract, display board, and journal for a possible max score of 100%.
  • Classroom Science Project requires: Project report, display board, and journal for a possible max score of 85%.
In class I have and will continue going over each part of the project: from developing a question, to properly writing procedures, to creating data tables, to researching a topic, to great display board presentations. Here is a list of dates that I will be checking on the students progress for their project:
  • Journal Purchased: 11/16
  • Option A or B: 11/16
  • Topic: Tues.12/1
  • Hypothesis: Tues.12/1
  • Procedures: Tues.12/8
  • Binder has been started: Thus.: 12/17
  • Title Page: Tues., 12/15 P1-3; Weds., 12/16 P4-6
  • Acknowledgments: Tues. 12/15 P1-3; Weds., 12/16 P4-6
  • Data Tables, Charts, Graphs: Weds. 1/13
  • Conclusion: Weds. 1/20
  • Full Project Due: Thurs. 1/28
UPDATED: Last INB Check for Semester 1
Notebooks are due Thursday, 12/17 for the final INB check for 1st Semester. Below are a list of the assignments that I will be grading for the final notebook check:
  • Ch2 vocabulary foldable: all terms from Ch2
  • Ch2 Lesson 1 outline WS
  • Science Fair: Developing a Question Notes
  • Cell Cycle Sequence Map
  • Ch2 Lesson 2 p107: students that went on the field trip are excused from this assignment
  • The Sisotim Ritual: answers must be in a complete sentence to receive full points.
  • Mitosis Comic Sequence Map
  • Science Fair: Writing a Material List and Procedure
  • Ch2 Lesson 2 Notes using bubble map style
End of 1st Semester
Can you believe we are almost finished with 1st Semester? This means:
  • Student's are half-way through 7th grade!
  • Final grades for 1st Semester are fast approaching!
  • Take a moment and look at your INB..... do you need a new one? Between semester's is the BEST time to start a new INB . . . as we will start a new chapter when we return vs. running out of room in your current one and having a chapter split between 2 notebooks.
Cell Performance Task: Part 2
The Nucleus has had a long, prosperous career, but it's time for it to retire. Students will be put into groups of 4 & they have to run a campaign to get their assigned organelle elected as "The Most Important Organelle!" Whichever organelle is crowned "Most Important", will take the Nucleus' job of running the cell. Students will have to argue that their candidate (organelle) has the most qualifications. Students must convince everyone that without their candidate (organelle), the cell and the organism and consequently the world as we know it will collapse.

Groups will:
  • Create at least 1 campaign poster
  • Create a Campaign brochure/PowerPoint
  • Create mudslinging flyers against the other candidates (organelles)
  • Create a campaign T-shirt
Groups will have 2 weeks in class to prepare their campaign. On Tuesday, November 3rd (Election Day), campaign speeches will be given and voting will take place to see who the new "Most Important Organelle" shall be!!
Cell Organelle Performance Task: Part 1
Students have been working all week on a Plant and Animal Cell Foldable, this is Part 1 of the Cell Test/Performance Task. All class period this week has been dedicated for students to work and complete this Performance Task. However, there are some students that need more time.... Students may come in before and/or after school to work on completing Part 1 of the Cell Test. They will have until Friday, October 23rd to complete the foldable. I will grade the Performance Task after Friday whether a student has completed it or not. Students need to take advantage of this extra time before and/or after school, don't wait until the end of the week and run out of time to complete Part 1 of the Performance Task.
Notebook Check #2 & AV 5 & 6 Retake
Notebook Check #2!!
Due to Minimum Day schedule all next week:
  • Period 1, 2, 3 notebooks are due Monday 10/12
  • Period 4, 5, 6 notebooks are due Tuesday 10/13

AV #5 & #6 Retake
Last day to retake AV Quiz 5 and 6 is Friday 10/16, NO EXCEPTIONS. Students must follow AV Quiz retake procedures, staple to the original quiz, turn in and schedule a time before/after school to retake the quiz. Students may even come in before/after school on the days that I do not have their class.
NO AV, Introduce Current Events
There will be no Academic Vocabulary for the month of October.

Students will be introduced to "Current Events in Science" this month. Each month, students will research a current event, scientific study or technology related to any aspect in Science. Each month (except December & March), students will be given a "Current Events in Science" handout and the completed handout & presentation will be due the last school day of each month. Students may present their current event in a variety of ways:
  • PowerPoint
  • Written Paper
  • Poster
  • Oral Speech
  • See me if you have another way you would like to present your current event
Academic Vocabulary
Every 6 weeks of AV (Academic Vocabulary) is a review week. Students will be retested on the previous 5 weeks of words. Those that have filed their previous AV worksheets in their 3-ring binders will have all that they need to study for the review test. If a student did not keep their AV worksheets, the PowerPoint(s) are located in the AV folder.

Since it is a review week, what does this mean for those that have not completed any of the first 5 weeks of AV? A review week is the final week to make-up/re-test any of the 5 weeks of AV terms. Make sure to check your ABI & make arrangements to come in before the end of the day Friday of the AV Review Week!

Late Work
Late Work Reminders:
  • INB's will not be accepted late. If you are absent on the day INB's are collected, you must turn yours in to Ms. Seaburg the first day you return to school, otherwise it is considered late and will not be accepted.
  • Students may only make up assignments for the chapter we are currently working in. Once the Performance Task for that chapter has been completed, no late work pertaining to that chapter will be accepted.
Absent Reminders:
  • If you are absent, it is the student's responsibility to see check the calendar on Ms. Seaburg's class website to see what you missed.
  • If you are absent, it is the student's responsibility to get any needed handouts and/or INB info. that was given.
  • If you are absent the day of a quiz/test/performance task, on the day the student returns, it is his/her responsibility to schedule as soon as possible a time before/after school to complete the quiz/test/performance task.
Test Retakes
What do I need to do to retake a test?
1- On separate piece of paper, write out the question.
2- Write out the correct answer.
3- Write the INB page number that has the information that assists in answering the question.
4- Staple to the original test. NO original test, NO retake.
5- Turn in to Ms. Seaburg and schedule a time to retake the test before or after school. Make sure to give yourself enough time to complete the retake, as you must complete the retake in 1 sitting.
6- From the day I pass back tests, you have 1 week to complete the retake. Since it is a retake, absences do not extend the time frame to complete retakes.
AV Re-take
What do I need to do to retake an
AV Quiz?
  1. Write the term & definition 5 x's each for each incorrect answer on the quiz.
  2. Staple the 5 x's each to the original quiz, no original quiz, no retake.
  3. Arrange a time with Ms. Seaburg to come in before or after school to retake the quiz.
  4. You may only take a re-take one time! So when you come in to retake the quiz, make sure you are prepared.
  5. You have 1 week from the day I pass back the quizzes. We take AV quizzes on Friday and I pass back on Monday, that is when the 1 week clock starts. Make sure to plan your time to come in and get the retake completed, don't run out of time.
Moved Assignments onto Calendar
I moved the class work/ homework assignments onto the calendar. This should be easier to see what is going on in Science for each day. If a date on the calendar is shaded, then there is info for that day. Just click on the day and then click on "Today's assignments", this will show what I have planned for the day. Students will list these assignments in their agenda & highlight what they completed in class. The unlighted assignments is what they need to complete at home.
What is AV?? What is INB??
AV = Academic Vocabulary, students will receive their AV terms & definitions the first school day of each week. They will then quiz on the terms & definitions on Friday. For students to be able to take the quiz, their AV worksheet must be completed for the week by the start of class each Friday. Those that have not completed theirs, will have to schedule a time before or after school to come in a take the AV Quiz.

INB = Interactive Notebooks, 95% of the classwork is completed in the students composition notebooks. Notes, Thinking Maps, textbook work, student output work will be completed in the INB. Students will be given at least a weeks notice prior to me collecting the INB's for a notebook check, which is when I grade these assignments for a chapter. Keeping up and not procrastinating on completing assignments until the week of a notebook check, helps students in becoming more successful and understanding the concepts we are learning in Science.

To be successful, students need to bring to class each day:
  • Mustang Student Agenda
  • 3-ring binder w/ dividers for each subject
  • College ruled Composition notebook for science only (NO SPIRAL NOTEBOOKS, as these fall apart)
  • Lined notebook paper
  • Blue or black ink pen & 2 red pens
  • Pencils & extra lead if using mechanical - make sure to always have extra pencils and lead available
  • Pencil sharpener that catches shavings
  • Colored pencils (NO MARKERS) - students will use colored pencils regularly in science class
  • Highlighters, 2 different colors
Welcome to Ms. Seaburg's 7th grade Science!! I am looking forward to another great year of learning about the Scientific Method, Cells, Genetics, and so much more!! We will spend a lot of time throughout the year working through the steps of the Scientific Method, so prepare to open your mind to the investigation world for a Scientist.

Yes, you have homework on day 1.... well it is homework for you and your parent. Go over my class syllabus together and have a parent complete & sign the second page attached... Oh, and don't forget to sign it yourself too, this will be your first 5 points on ABI.
No "Homework" exist(s)

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